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About Osha

Osha Reader   Osha graduated from Smith College in 1965 with a major in eastern religions. After teaching school in Charlottesville, Virginia, for three years, she moved to California and studied yoga, mind-clearing, nutrition and vitamin therapy for two years at the Institute of Ability in Lucerne Valley, where she was also trained to lead Enlightenment Intensives, a meditation/communication process that provides an opportunity to directly experience the truth of oneself, life, others and love.
In 1970, she bought 52 acres of land in the Sierra Mountains north of Lake Tahoe and founded Origin, a California non-profit organization dedicated to helping people optimize their physical, mental and spiritual health. Osha has been a lifelong student of nutrition and natural medicine. She received certification in therapeutic massage from the Parkside School in San Francisco in 1977 and joined the Western Massage Society. In 1981, she received a degree in herbal medicine from Dominion Herbal College in Vancouver, Canada, and achieved certification as a Trager Practitioner and as an Emergency Medical Technician. From 1976 to 1983, she studied corrective massage and bodywork with Lauren Berry, R.P.T., and received certification in the Lauren Berry Method of Corrective Massage in 1987. In 1986-87, she studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a form of counseling psychology, and received certification as an NLP Practitoner from the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and as a Master Programmer from the Center for Advanced Studies in San Francisco. In 1989, she became certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the Institute for Advanced Hypnosis in Mill Valley.

Osha has been a student and practitioner of zen, vipassana and transcendental meditation since the early 60's. In 1989-90, she was invited to lead an Enlightenment Intensive at the Axelson Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, which took place in October, 1992. She led Intensives near Reykjavik, Iceland, in 1997,1998 and in 2005.

Osha continues to create, lead and organize retreats. Her books include Vegetarian Cooking for Health and Pleasure (1991), Decadently Delicious, Recipes to Live for (2019), and Inspirations: Collected Poems and Quotations for the Mind and Heart (2021).